Operation Manuals

Balmar maintains the following library of installation and operation manuals for its current line of products. Simply click on the link provided to view and/or download the applicable document.

User Manuals for Current Balmar Products
Part Number Description
Alternators & Charging Kits
Alternators 12 & 24 Volt Balmar Alternators
XT-IR-Series XT-Series Alternators for WakeBoats
AltMount® AltMount® Serpentine Pulley Conversion Kits
Voltage Regulators
ARS-5 ARS-5 Voltage Regulator
MC-614 MC-614 Voltage Regulator
MC-624 MC-624 Voltage Regulator
MC-612-DUAL MC-612-DUAL Voltage Regulator
CFII-12/24 Centerfielder II Charge Balancer
DDC-12/24 Digital Duo Charge Battery Combiner
BRS-2T-12 BRS-2T 12 Volt Regulator
BRS-2T-24 BRS-2T 24 Volt Regulator
ERS-KIT ERS Single Stage Regulator
Battery Monitors
SG200 SG200 Battery Monitor
SmartgaugeTM SmartgaugeTM Battery Monitor
Other Balmar Products
Multi-LiteTM Multi-LiteTM Fixture
UBB Universal Belt Buddy
BBU Belt Buddy Universal Mechanism
15-TSS Tach Signal Stabilizer

Datasheets for current production Balmar products which provide critical dimensions, power curves and other important data can be found on the Product Page for the applicable part number.